Radical Philanthropy

Money provokes both positive and negative thoughts for people. Whilst in reality we live in the richest, most materially abundant society in history, most of us experience some pain and scarcity around money. Much of the money in our world, including our own money, is used in ways which damage the environment, other cultures and creatures.

Philanthropy is the act of giving generously. Literally it means the love of people.

Philanthropic giving at a level that’s significant for an individual can be transformational.  People are empowered when they realise they have choices about how they allocate their money and choose to put their money where their heart is.  Beyond simply reallocating their money from consumption to making a difference, people who are inspired by the possibility of radical generosity expand their own financial capacity to fulfill their vision.

People are yearning to make a difference.  Inviting them to contribute at a meaningful level provides them with an opportunity – it’s a privilege, not an imposition.  Inviting people to give generously empowers them to play a significant role in the greatest adventure of our time.

Most not-for-profit (social profit) organisations in Australia focus their efforts on attracting grant funding.  Raising money from individuals who support your mission provides untied funds and the opportunity for your organisation to become self-sufficient.

In general the more money people give, the more commitment, leadership and time they allocate to the cause or mission that inspires them.  This energises the community and in turn contributes to a wildfire of vision, excitement and generosity.  People who are moved to give themselves will naturally invite others to do likewise.

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