We provide education, training and coaching which empowers organisations to fundraise effectively.

We work with staff and key stakeholders to design and implement fundraising strategies which will fulfill their budget in a way that leaves the organisation free to actualise its mission.

Our approach is tailored to your organisation’s unique situation.  Here is a taste of possible one-day training modules.

  • Creating your organisation’s fundraising strategy
  • Empowering your volunteers to fundraise
  • How to have an exquisite fundraising event
  • Managing a fundraising campaign

We also provide coaching and consulting services as designed or requested.

Creating your organisation’s fundraising strategy

In this workshop we will bring together your key stakeholders to create a new context for your fundraising.  We will acknowledge what’s being accomplished already, and review and re-vision your fundraising in a way that identifies and maximises your resources and opportunities. You will be astounded and inspired by what you create.

Empowering your volunteers to fundraise

This workshop gathers the team who will implement the strategy and trains them in the key elements of a powerful fundraising campaign.  We provide training in making powerful requests to give meaningful amounts of money to your organisation.  Your team will have everything they need to launch themselves into effective action and fulfill on your fundraising strategy.

How to have an exquisite fundraising event

A fundraising event is a miraculous moment in time which will take your organisation to an entirely new level.  Your team will be trained in the key elements of an effective fundraising event and empowered to make it happen.

Managing a fundraising campaign

A campaign is a day-to-day creation – a holistic expression that wants to be constantly inspired and ignited.  When a campaign is working, it is a pressure cooker for unprecedented results, a phenomenon that gives life to everyone who participates in the creation.  In this workshop your leadership team will be trained and empowered to design, launch and manage an effective fundraising campaign.


Working with the person accountable for fundraising on an ongoing basis to provide training and empowerment to fulfill on the campaign or strategy.

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